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Turbocharger IHI VA80

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High quality turbocharger after professional repair process. The turbocharger has been thoroughly checked for any damages. All broken parts were changed for new high quality parts. Turbocharger (VA80) is after detailed checking. We tested this part on very precise testing machines. For VNT and VGT turbo we set a original work parameters - correct geometry and pressure. This part have pass all tests. We add a documents for all parts with test results. All our parts have installation guide and protocols from production. We provide a guarantee for 24 monthsmonths (counted from buy date). Replacement numbers for this turbocharger: F40A0016B F400008 VA69 VA80 VF40A023 5083265AA 35242095F 05083265AA 05159026AA 5159026AA 35242095F 35242095G 0508365AA 05159026AA 159026AA RL159026AA
More Information
Replacement F40A0016B, F400008, VA69, VA80, VF40A023, 5083265AA, 35242095F, 05083265AA, 05159026AA, 5159026AA, 35242095G, 0508365AA, 159026AA, RL159026AA
Engine code ENC, ENJ
Vehicle type OSOBOWY
Capacity 2499, 2800
Engine type DIESEL
Guarantee 24 months
Producent IHI
Producer no VA80
Availability 1