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Turbocharger GARRETT 04E145704N

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New turbocharger (04E145704N). Not repaired. This is new part. Producer: GARRETT. Part number: 04E145704N. Part from official vehicle production. Not replacement. New turbocharger is dedicated for specific vehicle and engine type. We provide a guarantee for 24 monthsmonths (counted from buy date). Replacement numbers for this turbocharger: BM-030TC11001000 BM030TC11001000 030TC11001000 BM003001 F026510031 04E145713B 04E145703Q 04E145703QV 04E145703QX 04E145704T 04E145704TV 04E145704TX 04E145721L 04E145721LV 04E145721LX 04E145704L 04E145713BV 04E145704LV 04E145704LX 04E145713BX 04E145704N 04E145704NV 04E145704NX 04E145713Q 04E145713QV 04E145713QX
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Replacement BM-030TC11001000, BM030TC11001000, 030TC11001000, BM003001, F026510031, 04E145713B, 04E145703Q, 04E145703QV, 04E145703QX, 04E145704T, 04E145704TV, 04E145704TX, 04E145721L, 04E145721LV, 04E145721LX, 04E145704L, 04E145713BV, 04E145704LV, 04E145704LX, 04E145713BX, 04E145704N, 04E145704NV, 04E145704NX, 04E145713Q, 04E145713QV, 04E145713QX
Engine code CJZA, CJZB, CYVB
Vehicle type OSOBOWY
Capacity 1197
Engine type DIESEL
Guarantee 24 months
Condition NEW
Producent GARRETT
Producer no 04E145704N