The deposit charged by our company is dictated to motivate buyers to return the damaged part. For the sake of the common interest, that is, you and our company, only in this way can it be regenerated and hit the warehouse for new customers.


Unfortunately experience shows that the parts to be bail clear either.

They do not come back to us at all or, unfortunately, their condition does not allow us to try to regenerate.


By securing yourself and future customers in such cases, to fill the gaps of warehouse, we are forced to search for and purchase it from our own resources. To avoid this, we charge a deposit. Its value depends on the model and type of part.


Of course, the deposit is refundable and you should expect that the funds will reach your account within 10 working days from the moment you receive the return of the damaged part that meets our requirements.


* in the case of the cash on delivery option, the part is sent before the payment is made. The customer pays the courier upon receipt of the purchased part.


More information can be found in the tab: Conditions for accepting old parts.

The customer applying for the return of the deposit must obligatorily attach a proof of payment of the deposit to the return shipment, because it is the basis for a refund (receipt with the deposit item).


The basis for receiving the refund of the deposit is the delivery of the old, returned part. However

in order to receive a refund of the deposit paid when purchasing the deposit, the part returned must be eligible for pickup. Please refer to the terms of collection of old parts: