Conditions for accepting old parts

Acceptance of returned / old parts, and also the refund of the deposit is only made when the customer sends the same old counterpart to renovated part. Additionally, the part must have the same marking.


It is also acceptable to have a replacement number that is available to

inspection for each refurbished part. Failure to comply with the above condition

makes sending a non-compliant part, with a refundable deposit will not be accepted and the purchase price of the part will be offered.


Examples of part number locations:





Acceptance of the returned / old parts and the acceptance of the deposit takes place then,

when the requirements which qualify the parts for repair in question are met

in the price list of deductions.


To avoid a deduction from the refundable deposit, the old part must be intact.

This means that it cannot be mechanically damaged in the form of cracks in the body, visible bruises, damage, etc.


Moreover, the part must also be complete, i.e. in accordance with the condition of the refurbished part as supplied, excluding plugs and gaskets. However, it is assumed that the old part may not function for a variety of reasons, including, for example, leaks or damaged parts.

electronic turbocharger actuators etc.





The old part can be sent to us within 30 days of receiving the refurbished part.

However, this period can be extended, but after consulting customer service.


Otherwise, the refund may not be accepted and the deposit will not be refunded.





If the returned / old part is not complete, the deposit will be charged according to the price list: