About us


Unlike some stores of this type, our company is a comprehensive service of the client, which is based on his own many years of experience in the automotive industry. We are not just distributors. We have our own production facilities, modern equipment, high-quality parts and qualified specialists from the industry.

In addition, the company is equipped with complete warehouses and the appropriate knowledge that allows us to supply high-end products.

This is high quality; this factor definitely distinguishes us on the market. We know perfectly, the entire process that is related to and is involved in the purchase and assembly of our components.

Therefore, we also know, how important this parameter is. Our store and company is a first-hand product,so get and State full and help from industry specialists. We are here to help and and professional advice. Our regeneration is the way out and a strictly restrictive control process on at every stage of production, repair of components.

Część regenerowana to dobry wybór

We have been dealing with regeneration for over 20 years and initially there were different opinions on the market on the topic of regeneration. We assure you that this was often associated with an unskillful repair of components. Only branded parts, suitable diagnostic and test equipment can accurately set the correct operating parameters.

That is why WE FROM THE BEGINNING INVESTED in high-class professional equipment for diagnostics, calibration and tests of components after regeneration. Thanks to this, we acquired a lot and number of customers who have chosen regenerated parts due to quality to price ratio. Because well-regenerated components are practically not run away and nothing new - except price.

Our company has a large production base, huge processing capacity and what is it goes - parts purchased at low prices. We have our own warehouses from which we systematically use. Ultimately, our policy translates into the three most important parameters:

- attractive prices
- fast delivery time (many parts available immediately from stock)
- high quality

MarkCenter to znana jakość w branży sklep ten to nowa marka firmy MR RADKA z Mielca

Our company, apart from retail, quickly acquired wholesale customers, not only in the country but also beyond its borders. Find in our extensive portfolio and get customers from many European countries. These are not only retail customers but first of all websites, shops, workshops and, fundamentally, distributors, who were quickly convinced by the quality.


Nowadays, in the age of e-commerce, we meet many people who have turned to us with requests and to perform this step. This is how the company and the shop were established Mark Center online and mainly for B2B partners, but now also as a platform for retail customers.

Therefore, we encourage you to register current and future B2B partners for whom we have prepared additional promotions, discounts and special offers.

So we invite you to buy high-quality parts - in our store.